Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Fire Extinguishers are maintained in accordance with NZS 4503 section 6. All Inspection and maintenance of hand held operating equipment with the exception of monthly checks must be carried out by a competent person. 
Basic Service: All types of extinguisher require a basic inspection annually to check operational condition as required by NZS54503 (page 52 table 6.2 item 6.2.1).
Extended Service: Wet Chemical & Foam Type Fire Extinguishers require a 3 yearly service. This includes a more detailed examination including a test discharge of the extinguisher & recharging if satisfactory.
5 yearly Pressure Testing: All Fire Extinguishers are subject to pressure vessel safety legislation and must be hydraulically pressure tested & date stamped or labeled every 5 years. 

Maintenance of Hose Reels
For the maintenance of hose reels, monthly checks may be carried out by the building owner. It is mandatory under NZS 4503 that annual checks are carried out by a competent person. Fire Hose reels are manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 1221 and are maintained in accordance with NZS 4503. Frequencies of Inspections are on a monthly and yearly basis.

Liquid Level Testing 
Fire-Corp will also carry out the servicing and testing of fixed cylinder type CO2 units that are mounted for marine extinguishant systems.